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Looking to grow your roofing business?

Our marketing methods + proprietary software book you storm inspection appointments with local homeowners through texts, emails, and voicemails, so you can focus on your roofing business. You will receive 5-50 qualified storm claim appointments monthly! 

How to get 10-20 storm claim appointments in the next 30 days without door knocking? Wouldn't it be nice if someone could go out and find warm appointments to send directly to you and your sales team?

Door knocking, direct mail, yard signs... They're all great, however, you need to be harnessing the power of Facebook. I'm going to show you how we generate at least 5-50 local storm claim inspections each month for our roofing clients on autopilot.


The 6 Power Play Benefits

This is not for everyone, we were made for insurance claim roofers by an insurance claim roofer and a tech entrepreneur.


Our Avg lead cost across the US is less than $25


We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours running roofing marketing campaigns. Getting started with us means your roofing business is far ahead of the competiton


Our platform qualifies your leads to get a roof inspection booked through SMS, email, and voicemails.

2 For 1 Strategy

Get your roofing business known locally with thousands of monthly impressions


Respond to appointments lightning-fast, we will text the appointments to you or your sales team instantly


What will you do when things go wrong? How will you keep your website current? Find out by reading about website upkeep

Let me tell you the 3 most common issues the roofing industry makes in their marketing that cost them THOUSANDS of dollars.

1) Would you let a general physician give you dental work?

Then why when most roofers decide they want to capitalize on digital marketing they go to a local marketing agency that does not understand the roofing business?

We were built for roofers by a storm claim roofer and a serial tech entrepreneur. We know the flaws in the business, and we know how to get you leads.

2) They waste their money buying leads from Home Advisor, Porch, or Thumbtack.

Listen, you've probably been there and done that. Want a solution that advertising on behalf of your roofing business, grows your brand, and gives you quality leads that only go to you?

3) They don't invest in online advertising.

What is the fastest and most cost-effective way to scale your business? Leads are everything, scaling salesmen to door knock are not efficient, direct mail, yard signs, billboards. It is 2020, get your business where your customer's attention is.. online.

Don't Take Our Word For It

“Ballast has brought over 60 storm claim inspections in the past 2 months forcing me to hire a new sales manager.”

Rob Clemete - CR Roof Systems

About Us

“I build companies that provide solutions where there are problems. I was approached to find a solution for roofers that were tired of wasting money with Home Advisor, Porch, and general marketing agencies. We are here to revolutionize the roofing industry by bringing them value through technology."

— Christian Johnson, Founder - Ballast

Get Your First Lead In Just 5 Days

Lock in your service area before your competitor does. We can only take 1 roofer per service area and you do NOT want your competitor harnessing the power of our POWERHOUSE system.

"Change is inevitable, growth is optional"